OBAP Leadership

Board of Directors

Captain James Gordon - UPS Airlines
Chair - Board of Directors

Captain Karl Minter - United Airlines
Board of Directors
Vice Chair - Programs and Communications Committee

Ms. Linda Carter
Board of Directors
Chair - Human Resources Committee

Captain Ernest N. Taylor, Jr
Delta Air Lines
Board of Directors - Special Projects

Captain Arnold J. Tolbert - American Airlines (Retired)
Board of Directors
Chair - Membership Committee
Florida Memorial University
Director - Department of Aviation

Mr. Grant Walker, Jr - Wings Financial Credit Union
Board of Directors
Chair - Convention & Marketing Committee
Vice President - Business Development

Mrs. Carole Hopson
Board of Directors
Chair - Fund Development & Information Technology

Advisors - Board of Directors

Captain Albert Glenn - FedEx Express
Chair - Board of Advisors

Captain Robert Brown - UPS Airlines (Retired)

F/O Raymond Robinson - UPS Airlines

Mrs. Mamie Mallory - FAA
Board of Advisors

Mrs. Vanessa Blacknall-Jamison - FAA
Board of Advisors

Captain Jim Gorman
Board of Advisors

Houston Mills - UPS Airlines
Board of Advisors

Harold Mitchell - US Air Force (Retired)
Board of Advisors

OBAP Professional Staff and Regional Leadership


First Officer Emmanuel "Manny" Burke - UPS Airlines
Southeast Regional Director
Membership Committee

First Officer Gerry Dupree - FedEx Express
Northeast Region Director
Membership Committee

First Officer Xavier Samuels -
Southwest Region Director
Membership Committee


First Officer Stephanie Johnson - Delta Air Lines
Midwest Region Director
Membership Committee

First Officer Thomas Witts - Alaska Airlines
West Region Director
Membership Committee

Ms. Hermon "Gabby" Hewitt
Membership Committee

First Officer Jeff Lane - Delta Air Lines
National Director - ACE Academies


Bernard "Jamie" Jameson - American Airlines
Chair - Professional Pilot Development Program

First Officer Malik Brooks - FedEx Express
Chair - Scholarship

First Officer Jeff Harrison - UPS Airlines
National Director - Flight Academies

First Officer Randall Rochon - United Airlines
First Officer


Mr. Jelani Kelley - Omni Air International
Assistant Secretary
Marketing and Communications Committee

Finance Committee
Revenue Management - Senior Analyst

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