Edward Horne Scholarship


The Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals, Inc takes great pleasure in announcing the Edward L Horne, Jr. Scholarship. This scholarship is worth $2500.

Captain Edward L. Horne, Jr. began his passion for flying in 1969. His career has included 23 years of military experience, flying primarily the C-130E/H. Prior to his retirement from the United States Air Force as a lieutenant colonel in 1993, he served as Flight Commander of all C-130 pilots in the 304th Aerospace Rescue Squadron. In the summer of 1997, Edward L. Horne, Jr. became the first non- Japanese First Officer to upgrade to Captain at Japan Airlines on the B747-200/300. In July of 2001, he became a 757/767 management Captain for United Parcel Service. As a flight-training supervisor, he is responsible for initial and recurrent training of all 757/767 UPS pilots. In 2003, Captain Horne became an Assistant Chief Pilot on the 757/767 fleet. As of January 2007, he is one of the Assistant Chief Pilots, Check Airman and IOE instructors on UPS's new B747-400 fleet. Edward L. Horne, Jr. lives his dream as a black aviator everyday and sponsors this scholarship in hopes that another brother or sister will be able to do the same.

Application Process

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