General Guidelines

All sponsored scholarships have their own guidelines stated on the OBAP web-site. Adherence to all of the guidelines is mandatory. Beyond the sponsored scholarship requirements are the scholarship committee's criteria for recommendation. They are as follows:

The candidate must;

  1. You must be a dues current member at the time of application.  Participation in OBAP community activities is weighed heavily.
  2. Have at least a Private Pilot's License or military equivalent, if pursuing a flying related scholarship. (Except Wings Financial and Duane Moorer Scholarships)
  3. Interview with the Scholarship committee prior to being selected.
  4. Submit an essay describing his/her journey through life and how receiving the OBAP scholarship will impact your career goals. Only one essay needed for multiple applications. However, ensure the essay contents reflect the scholarships/s for which you are applying. All essays are to be submitted via email to the scholarship committee along with all other required documents. Send to
  5. Complete all appropriate applications. This requirement maximizes your chances of getting one of the other scholarships in the event you do not get your first choice.
  6. If selected, provide a current photograph for publication.
  7. Obtain two (2) LORs (Letters of Recommendation), at least one from a current OBAP member. All of their contact (the OBAP LOR Writer) information must be included with the LOR. Again, please include these documents with all other documents in ONE email. You will be interviewed by a member of the scholarship committee.
  8. Applications are due by May 10th, of the current year of the convention.  (Please check current convention date online.)
  9. Must have completed some type of professional development or continuing education, relative to the career field being pursued in the aerospace industry. (Private Pilot License acceptable for Pilot applicants, unless otherwise stated.)
  10. Training must be completed within 1 year of receiving the scholarship unless particular scholarship states otherwise or the donor delays the process.


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