Post Scholarship Award Procedures

Post Scholarship Award Procedures:

Upon receipt of a scholarship, the recipients must complete three (3) mandatory items in order to receive funding.

1. Recipient must download and sign the official Acknowledgement and Acceptance Form (AAF)  and send a soft copy to the scholarship committee.

2. Recipient must send a Letter of Appreciation (LOA) to the donor of their particular scholarship and forward a soft copy to the scholarship committee.

3. Recipient must provide an invoice from the training facility to be used. Included on the invoice should be the following:

  1.   Name and address of training facility
  2.   Point of contact within that organization
  3.   All pertinent contact numbers
  4.   The type of training to be accomplished
  5.  Estimated date of completion
  6.  Cost of the training

We encourage you to send all three items in ONE email.

Once ALL three requirements are met and are received at, the scholarship committee will send you an acknowledgement that all documents have been received and will approve the disbursement of funds so that you can begin training within thirty (30) days. The check amount (if your scholarship was a cash award) will not exceed the value of the scholarship awarded. All inquiries regarding the status of scholarship disbursements should be directed to or 800-JET-OBAP/7084497755.

Special Circumstance:
If it is not possible to obtain an invoice that accurately represents the training to be completed, the recipient must contact the Scholarship Committee to work through the details. In this instance, all parties must exercise patience in the process. We must keep in mind that these procedures are in place to protect the integrity of our donors, our scholarship recipients and OBAP.

Scholarship Process

1.  OBAP awards scholarship and awaits "Acknowledgement and Acceptance Form" (AAF), a copy of your Letter of Appreciation (LOA) and a training/funding invoice from you.

2.  Upon receipt, the Scholarship committee will acknowledge all items have been received. Within 30 days, you should be able to start your training. Congratulations!

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