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Welcome to the next step in becoming a licensed aviator! Thank you for your interest in our programs. Under the building block approach, we welcome all of our previous participants from our Aviation Career Education (ACE) Academies.  Chronologically, the SFA is our next level of progression beyond our initial introduction to flying through the ACE program.  Though ACE is not a mandatory prerequisite for applying to SFA, we highly encourage all applicants to start there and then continue with SFA.  Nonetheless, if you didn’t get a chance to experience ACE, we welcome you to the OBAP family. 

So, what role does the SFA serve within OBAP?  It serves as the viable conduit that puts the words of OBAP’s mission statement into action.  The solo event in the aircraft is when the student-pilot is the “sole manipulator” of the aircraft (i.e. flying by themselves). 

The program is designed to test your skills and capabilities and will surely be one of the most demanding programs you will undergo. Solo Flight Academy's objective--getting you to the solo event, but the true measure comes from the amount of work you place in the program. 

The Solo Flight Academy consists of a cursory and condensed ground school and approximately 10-20 hours of flight time.  The actual solo event is probably the most remembered event aviators will recall!  It can be equated to an infant’s first step, but obviously, there is a bit more at stake than just falling on your bottom.  For that reason, let me reassure each parent and student that every precaution has been accounted for and incorporated within our training syllabus. 

Each student will only be able to spread his/her wings as the sole manipulator of the airplane only when the "three C's" are demonstrated. They are: 

Competency – you must display the knowledge of aircraft systems; understand fundamental principles of aerodynamics; and possess situational awareness 

Consistency – demonstrate to your instructor that you have developed sound airmanship to create a safe and stable platform to operate the aircraft 

Confidence – in your abilities, as well as, in the process strengthened by instruction, preparation and system of trust 

Flying a real aircraft might sound a bit daunting, but trust me, it is well worth all the work that you and the staff will exert.  I stress this point because the better prepared you are with the groundwork, the more efficient you make of your time in the air.  If this sounds like a challenge that you are seeking, we look forward in receiving your application. 

Our SFA programs would not be viable without the support from our sponsors.  We would like to personally thank Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines and the many private donors that have committed financially to make this program possible and the countless volunteers that sacrifice their personal time and schedules to make a positive difference in our youth.  If you would like more information about how you can “sponsor an applicant” or to participate in our summer programs, we encourage you to contact the National Office (  or Jeff Harrison (

Thank you,
Jeff Harrison
OBAP National Flight Academies, Director

All participants are encouraged to register online for the Solo Flight Academy. The online program offers you the opportunity to upload all the required documents.

A printable application is provided for those who need to register via postal mail. Please click here to download.