The Diamond 100 Campaign is our opportunity to invest in the continued growth of OBAP programs, like APIS, APDP, ACE, SFA, our Collegiate Chapters and more! OBAP has so much to be proud of thanks to engaged, invested and proud members and with your continued support, of just $100, we can do even more! 
  • 110,000 students have met an aerospace professional in their school in the last five years through Aerospace Professionals in Schools (APIS).
  • $660,000 dollars in OBAP scholarships have been awarded to 125 recipients since 2015.
  • 10 OBAP Collegiate Chapters have been established to introduce a wide range of aerospace professions and opportunities to students. Last year alone, OBAP members helped five chapter members secured airline jobs!
  • 450 members have successfully began careers, since 2015, thanks to the support and coaching of the APDP team.
  • In less than one year, the Luke Weathers Flight Academy has trained students to earn six Private Pilot Licenses, one Commercial Pilot License, three Certified Flight Instructors, two Certified Flight Instructor - Instruments, one Certified Flight Multi-Engines Instructor, three Instrument Ratings and 11 solo flight experiences.

With your contribution of just $100 dollars, or more, OBAP can continue to make a lasting impression on our industry - 
Supporting, Training, Educating and Mentoring for years to come.