Captain Aaron J. Gould

Captain Aaron J. Gould flew for UPS for more than 30 years and served as a Boeing 747-400 Captain. Prior to joining UPS, Captain Gould flew for Evergreen International Airlines and was hired in 1986 by International Parcel Express (IPX). 

In 1987 UPS acquired full ownership of IPX from DHL to create its own cargo airline service. On February 1, 1988, Captain Bob Travelute, then First Officer Aaron Gould and Flight Engineer Dick Purcell flew the first revenue flight for UPS. 

Gould joined the Organization of Black Airline Pilots in 1985 and served four years on the Board of Directors and nine years as Chairman of the Professional Pilot Development Program. As Chair of this program, he provided mentorship, scholarships and job placement for pilots pursuing an aviation career. Captain Gould is extremely proud of the numerous young men and women who have benefited from this program.

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