Handel & Carmen Wellington Excellence Achievement Scholarship

Handel Wellington is a Captain on the Boeing 777. He Graduated from Walla Walla College in 2001 with a Bachelors Degree in Aviation Technology. Started his aviation career as a loadmaster on the Lockheed L1011 and the DC 8’s with Arrow Air. Continued on to be an Instructor with Pan Am International Flight Training Academy. Got his first Airline job as a pilot flying as a First Officer on the Convair 580. He moved on to Continental Express (Expressjet Airlines) where he was a First Officer on the Embrear 145. He later worked with Spirit Airlines on the Airbus 320 as a First Officer and Compass Airlines (Delta Connection) on the Embrear 175 before moving Internationally and gaining Employment overseas in 2009 as a First Officer on the Airbus 320. He did that for a few years before moving to the Boeing 777 as First officer and then becoming Captain. In addition to being an Airline Pilot, Handel is currently in Law School working on his Juris Prudence Doctorate J.D, with the hope of one day becoming a Lawyer as well to assist Airlines and Pilots alike with Civil and Criminal Litigation. 

Maria Carmen Wellington began her career as a Registered Nurse. She is now a fulltime Mom to our 2 ½ year old, Charles William Wellington. She intends to continue her profession in the field of nursing to become a Nurse Anesthesiologist. 

Having been a recipient of several financial scholarships from the Professional Pilot Development Program (PPDP) here at OBAP, Handel credits the Organization of Black Aerospace Professional (OBAP) for giving him the assistant he needed earlier in his aviation pursuit that made his aviation goals and dreams become a reality. Having travelled this road before, Handel fully understands the financial challenges associated with pursuing a career in Aviation. This is why he and his wife, Maria Carmen Wellington, have decided to give back to our Professional Pilot Community, OBAP that made it all possible for him. This Excellence Achievement Scholarship is being offered so that one day an aspiring aviator that is fully motivated and driven for success will one day realize their goals and dreams of becoming an Airline Pilot.

One scholarship is valued at $2,500.  

Please read the full list of requirements within the Application Process below. Once you have all required information and attachments, please click here to download a pdf version of the scholarship application. Please send all documents in a single email to [email protected]Please Note: All requirements, like Letters of Recommendations and Essays, should be secured and in electronic format to attach to your scholarship application.

Click here to download the Enrollment Verification Form that must be completed by an advisor or faculty member and submitted along with this application.

Application Process