Captain J. Georges Sulmers

J. Georges Sulmers was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti August 28,1946. He immigrated to the United States on December 29,1957. Sulmers attended Aviation High School in Queens, New York City from September 1961 and graduated in June of 1965. He learned to fly while in high school and earned his private pilot’s license in April of 1965. Sulmers applied to be a pilot with United Airlines in June 1965, shortly after graduation from high school. At that time they were hiring pilots with no licenses.

After not gaining employment with United Airlines, Sulmers enrolled at the City Community College in New York City to study mechanical engineering. One year later, he transferred to Miami Dade Junior College to complete his flight training and obtained his commercial pilot, instrument, multi-engine and certificated flight instructor pilot’s licenses.

Sulmers applied and was accepted as an airline pilot with Northeast Airlines, Inc. on September 3, 1968. He was the youngest of thirty-three pilots in that new-hire class at age twenty-two. He was furloughed at Northeast Airlines in January 1970. Later, in July 1970, Sulmers applied and was accepted as a pilot, second officer at Eastern Airlines, Inc. where he remained until March 3, 1989. He ended his tenure as a captain after nineteen and a half years during Eastern’s turbulent years. He did not return to Eastern Airlines during the recall. Instead, he applied and was accepted as a pilot, second officer with United Airlines, Inc. where he remained and retired as a captain in August 2006.

Sulmers feels that the aviation industry and the airlines he worked for were good to him and his family. It allowed him to educate his children in some of the top universities in the country. Some, he remembers when growing up he was told, he could not attend. As a family, the Sulmers’ have traveled to parts of the world where it would have been unimaginable to visit during his growing years. He was able to do this while receiving good compensation for doing something he loved. 

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