Captain James Gordon

James Gordon was born in Ohio into a military family and spent many years traveling the world. A graduate from The Department of Defense High School, RAF Upper Heyford, England, James attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, earning a BS degree in Aeronautical Science.

While awaiting pilot training for the Air Force, James served as an Acquisition Project Specialist for the Government. James next attended Reese AFB for Air Force Pilot Training. Upon completion of pilot training he went to Randolph Air Force Base to go through T-37 Instructor Training. Upon returning to Reese AFB, he trained new military pilots taking them through their first military solo, instrument flying and lastly contact /acrobatic flying. James’ many additional duties at Reese Air Force Base include Squadron Trim officer, managing computer products for student grade books; and Unit Standardization Evaluation Member (USEM) - this job entailed giving students morning stand-ups on emergency procedures, written and oral tests. The next assignment for James was flying F-16s for the Air National Guard for eight years. His primary missions were Air Defense of the United States, sitting alert to protect our borders, and also doing Drug enforcement missions. Formal training received in the military includes F-16 Test Pilot School and Weapons and Test Evaluation School. He also served as assistant weapons officer and award/decorations officer.


Today, James Gordon is an International MD-11 Instructor Captain with United Parcel Service with over 8000 hours of flying experience. Civilian planes flown include DC-10, DC-8, B-747 and MD-11.

Positions held in OBAP include; Scholarship Committee, ACE Camp Founder/ Director and two term Regional Vice President.

James is married to Joyce and they have two children, James and Jillian.