Captain Lawrence Anthony Parker, Jr.

“Larry” is a graduate of the Embry Riddle University with a B.S. in Professional Aeronautics. Because of Larry’s love of flying he started his aviation career as a TWA flight attendant in 1973 through 1978. During his time with TWA he obtained his flight certificates and ratings to become qualified as a pilot. 

Larry was hired as a Line Pilot at Altair Airlines in 1978. He was selected for the Beech 99 and served as a Captain on the Beach 99 aircraft. Larry also flew the Nord262 and the Folker 28 aircraft. 

In 1982, Larry was hired as a Line Pilot at People Express. While at People Express he served as a B727 Captain, simulator instructor, and company recruiter. In, 1986 Continental Airlines acquired People Express where he continued as a B727 Captain. 

Larry was hired at UPS in 1988 as a flight qualified supervisor. He was selected for a technical interviewer for pilot hiring where he assisted in hiring the first 800 pilots at UPS. Later he served as a B727 fleet supervisor, a Captain Line Check-Airman and Instructor. 

In 1992, he transitioned to the B747 classic fleet where he served as a simulator instructor and as a Captain Line Check-Airman. 

In 1994, Larry was promoted to manager and has held a variety of assignments including B747 classic Fleet Training Manager and Fleet Chief Pilot. After transitioning to the A300 Fleet in 2009. In Larry’s most recent position he served as the A300 Fleet Standards and Training Manager for UPS Airlines. 

Larry has held the position of national vice president for the Organization of Black Airline Pilots (OBAP) for two terms and a dedicated member for over 39 years. He has helped mentor young prospective pilots to be successful in the airline industry. In 1994, Larry founded the Shawnee High School/OBAP Summer Aviation Camp, sometimes called ACE Camp Academy, in Louisville, KY. ACE Academy is a program designed to offer middle and high school students an introduction to the aviation industry and aviation careers. 

Larry retired from UPS in 2017.

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