First Officer Randall Rochon

Randall Rochon is a First Officer for United Airlines, based in NYC and has been involved with OBAP since 1999. During his time with the organization he has gained lifetime friends and established new relationships. He is a founding member of a student organization at his alma mater - Western Michigan University. 

Randall has worked with several ACE academies. He is the Director of the Virgin Islands ACE Academy Program and recently co-directed the first NYC ACE program. Randall is a strong supporter of the Pilots in schools program.  He is currently the Secretary for the OBAP Board of Directors, Committee Chairman for the Governance Committee, and also a member of the Scholarship Committee. 

The relationships he gained from OBAP is a huge part of his career success. Randall believes that by observing and learning from the past and current leadership of organization, that he has built a foundation and passion within himself to take the reins as secretary of the Board of Directors. He has worked to ensure that our legacy continues on.