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United Airlines Pilot Scholarship October 12, 2018
Delta Difference Scholarship October 12, 2018
UPS Pilot Scholarship October 12, 2018
UPS Maintenance & Engineering Scholarship October 12, 2018
UPS Aerospace Management Scholarship October 12, 2018
Mrs. Jimmie Leneau Osborne Scholarship October 12, 2018
American Airlines & OBAP Educational Fund Scholarship October 12, 2018


Below is a list of documents to guide you through the process of applying for a scholarship. These documents are intended to answer any questions and clarify any guidelines that you may have about the requirements, expectations, and results. For additional questions please email [email protected].

Scholarship General Guidelines
Scholarship Rating System
Acknowledgment and Acceptance Form
Post Scholarship Award Procedures


  • There is no limit on the number of scholarships that an applicant can apply for as long as the requirements of the scholarship are met. Each scholarship that an applicant applies for must have its own application and all required documentation submitted in one combined PDF file.
  • Attached the ONE COMBINED PDF, to an email. The subject line should be the name of your scholarship and your full name. ie, Subject line: Jeppessen/Malcolm Johnson. The body of the email must include your name, contact information and OBAP member number. You must be an active OBAP member at the time of submission.
  • The application must be typed, no exceptions. There are several free online services in addition to Acrobat Reader to consider for typing on a PDF. HERE IS ONE OPTION
  • All application requirements must be submitted as one PDF. There are several free online services in addition to Acrobat Professional to consider. HERE IS ONE OPTION.