Solo Fight Academy

The OBAP Solo Flight Academy (SFA) is a two-week submersion in aviation training designed to excite and deepen exposure to opportunities in aviation, culminating in an unforgettable solo flight experience.

Tailored and restricted to young adults ages 16 – 19, the academic curriculum establishes the foundation of a productive and successful career in aviation-related professions. While enrolled in the academy, students will receive approximately 40 hours of cursory and condensed ground school detailing federal air regulations, basic meteorology, navigation, basic engine theory, aircraft performance, basic maneuvers, STEM core principles, and the Airman’s Information Manual.

Upon successful completion of the ground school, students will receive at least 10 hours of flight time. Basic flight instructions given by FAA certified instructors will consist of aircraft familiarization, preflight procedures, taxiing, and parking, straight and level flight, climbs, glides, stalls, slow flight, takeoff and landings, and emergency procedures. Once Federal Aviation requirements are met, the student will be cleared to serve as a “sole manipulator” for their very first time.

The academy is limited to 20 students annually. To participate, students must also obtain a FAA 3rd Class Medical/Student Pilot Certificate from a FAA Medical Examiner and provide proof of U.S. citizenship as required by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

In partnership with Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines and the Lt Col Luke Weathers, Jr. Flight Academy, the annual OBAP Solo Flight academies, serves as an invaluable opportunity for aspiring aviation professionals to advance training. Upon completion of the academy, participants receive a certificate and are provided with the opportunity to attend the OBAP's Lt Col Luke Weathers, Jr. Flight Academy or apply newly acquired skills to pursue scholarships available through OBAP to further education and training.


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OBAP Solo Flight Academy Locations:

Delta Air Lines

Atlanta, GA

Alaska Airlines

Seattle, Wa


Olive Branch, MS

Solo Flight Academy Director


Jeff Harrison

SFA Director
UPS - Captain

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