The Lt. Col. Luke Weathers Jr. Flight Academy has incredible goals to increase diversity in military and commercial sector of the aviation industry. Each of our long-term plans comes at a cost and with your support, we can efficiently and effectively work towards organizational goals for LWFA and sustain the academy for generations to come.


  • To train 25 U.S. Air Force Candidates per year by 2025 will cost nearly $240,000?
  • To train 125 high school solo academy pilots by 2025 will cost nearly $375,000?
  • To train 100 Certified Flight Instructors per year by 2025 will cost more than $500,000?
  • To train 100 Memphis area school students to receive Private and Instrument Certificates by 2025 will cost $1.4 million?
  • To operate the Luke Weathers Flight Academy including instructor and administrative expenses for the next five years will cost $250,000?
With great risk comes great reward and with your support, OBAP can do even more!

Please consider making a donation to the all-new LWFA today. Your donation, large or small, will help to support the future of this exciting and invaluable initiative.