OBAP’s Aerospace Youth Day is August 1st, from 8am - 1:30pm, during the organization’s annual convention! This is a great opportunity for youth, ages 12 - 18 only,  to participate in experiential learning through hands-on activities and face-time with aviation and aerospace industry professionals and career recruiters. Many students who have participated in our youth programs have gone on to careers as pilots of major commercial airlines and positions in other aerospace professions!

Youth Day, including activities and lunch, is completely FREE for youth within Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Advanced registration is required to participate. Registered students must arrive for Youth Day by 8:00am on the day of the event for check-in.


1. Download and complete a student Waiver for each student, ages 12 - 18 only, participating in Youth Day 2019.

2. List and provide complete information for all participating students on one Manifest spreadsheet

3. Email all completed Student Waivers and one completed Manifest to [email protected] no later than Friday, July 5th.